The Art Of The Streets

“You don't take a photograph, you make it.”

- Ansel Adams

Some people may say that you can’t reach higher.
But I felt I was not fully enjoying life. And life is beautiful.
Here is the story of my self-discovery.
I grew up in Ukraine, which is a beautiful country. I traveled across Europe and discovered other equally wonderful places. Everything that I saw had a profound impact on my view of the world. Whenever and wherever I saw something unique and fascinating, I had a desire to share it with others.
I started expressing myself in music as a drummer in a rock band (and I was darn good at it[!]) and later became the band manager. I was able to realize a lot of my ideas through our music and performances.
I produced, scripted and directed our music videos. I designed covers for our albums and organized concerts and music festivals. Our rock band became known and popular in many European countries; and, years later, we still have fans all over the world. We performed at large venues and festivals as well as on television. People recognized us. But I was still searching for myself…
Finally, fate brought me to the land of opportunities – America.
With my broad knowledgebase and experiences, creativity and ability to connect with people, I got drawn to photography. It finally clicked! I am on fire, and I am having a blast! All my life experiences that left impressions in my head and in my heart are reflected in my work. I focus on unique approaches and creative artistic solutions to represent form, shape and character. I like to experiment with new photography techniques, and I love it when my work brings up emotions in people.
Giving people the gift of happy moments is what truly makes me happy.

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